Light Healing is Real and Here Now

Join us this Friday 1/16/15 for a Free Light Healing and Presentation with Wesley Burwell of In Light Wellness Systems.  Please click here to sign up for free

This is a free event at our offices in Beaverton, OR with Saturday and Sunday private sessions for all healers and practitioners interested in the most […]

January 10th, 2015|Energy, Health, Speaking|

Free Movie Screening of Origins by Dr Pedram Shojai

Free Movie Screening of ‘Origins’ by Dr Pedram Shojai
I have the honor to work with amazing thought leaders creating true revolution for our humanity. One person that always blows my mind, all our minds, is Dr Pedram Shojai. Come back to our Origins with this Free Movie Screening that he just released this week…

For […]

November 15th, 2014|Health, Leadership|

NeuroMentor- Learn From A MasterMind Coach

We are excited to announce the release of Dr Dave Krueger’s flagship product, NeuroMentor. This is a series of five recorded seminars with detailed outlines to bring some ideas and strategies into focus that we think can be of significant benefit to your life and business. If you are a coach, mastermind, consultant, teacher […]

September 11th, 2014|Business, Consulting, Health, Internet Marketing, Leadership|

Soul Engineering – Get Ready to Align Your Mind and Your Soul

Announcing the release of our brand new offering with Dr Chris Wagner, professor of Artificial Intelligence and seer of truth for us all. We are pleased to bring you where Dr Wagner presents for the first time his flagship product that has so much to offer us in these times, we are going […]

September 2nd, 2014|Business, Consulting, Health, Internet Marketing, Leadership|

Timeless Rhythm – The Oldest Spiritual Practice On Earth

What if you could enter a state of joy and heightened awareness in just a few minutes…without meditation, hypnosis, yoga or woo-woo spiritual activity of any kind?
This practice leads to clarity, creativity, awareness, better communication, cooperation, joy and bliss!  Sound too good to be true?
Well, what if I told you it’s something that’s been […]

July 6th, 2014|Business, Consulting, Health, Internet Marketing, Leadership|

Money & Manifestation Summit with Lisa Garr


Please sign up now for Lisa Garr’s latest summit, this time on Money & Manifestation. Lisa has brought together 10 World Class Guests who will share the latest information on the energy of money, how to market for success, how to master the internet and how to use your greatest asset, YOU, to build […]

June 18th, 2014|Business, Consulting, Health, Leadership, Partners|

Hay House World Summit Starts NOW!

The Hay House 2014 World Summit just ended, but we will leave this post here for you for your reference, as it was the largest summit in the industry of its kind!

So this will be short as I want you to click this link now to register for free and get your basket full […]

May 29th, 2014|Business, Consulting, Health, Leadership, Partners, Speaking|

Coast to Coast AM Saturdays with Lisa Garr ~ Call In

Lisa Garr is the Guest Host on Coast to Coast AM during select Saturdays, from 10p-2a PDT, where she will be interviewing guests with NDE, Afterlife, Psi phenomena and ancient teaching experiences. Live worldwide callers are invited as these promise to be great evenings for us all. Listen online at Coast to Coast AM. For […]

April 4th, 2014|Consulting, Health, Leadership|

“Beyond Words Presents” Goes Online

Now that online interaction and new media has become so affordable and accessible, Beyond Words in partnership with Bo Rinaldi and Associates, has taken their authors to a new level. We love to use technology to the highest good for the benefit of all who can appreciate becoming closer to the Source. The Source […]

October 8th, 2013|Business, Consulting, Health, Leadership, Partners, Speaking|

David Howitt on Hay House Radio with Cali Alpert

This interview on July 26, 2013 with David Howitt on Hay House Radio was conducted by a most special talk show host, Cali Alpert. Cali met David in Portland, OR where David leads Meriwether Group and in NYC where Cali lives and works as a well known TV Producer. Interested in content and individuals […]

August 4th, 2013|Business, Consulting, Leadership, Partners|