Seth Godin On Tribes …

What do we all want? To be missed! Create a movement, start something fantastic, be an agent of change. Watch this video now and share it with your tribe!… Continue reading

Blogher And The Aware Show

Infinite thanks to Kim Miles at Blogher for this great post here about my interview on Lisa Garr’s Aware Show. This was one of the best interviews ever, as Lisa is truly an angel on the airwaves. If you are interested in our products for health, please click here, and if you are interested in Blossoming Lotus, please click here. For new shows, events and upcoming talks on how people everywhere are experiencing maximum health using techniques that are natural and effective, please check us out here and at Vegan Fusion, where we… Continue reading

Affiliate Program Creation

Lately we see a big upsurge in our consulting practice as applies to helping authors and program creators in launching their own affiliate programs. There are many moving pieces to the system we have perfected and used with leaders in the new thought areas. There is the curation of your mailing list, your opt in processes, the creation of your digital products, the webinars we use to launch them and of course the monetization. We are seeing a strong acceptance in the customer community for fully integrated systems. Those systems that involve membership levels and the ability to be part… Continue reading

The Revenue Warrior Selling System By Joe Heller

The Revenue Warrior Selling System is the ultimate attitude enhancement tool because it virtually wipes out rejection, trial-and-error experimentation, frustration from wasted effort, and burnout. My selling system provides you a solid foundation to build on, securing predictability, reliability and consistency in your selling.

The Revenue Warrior Selling System is the ultimate profit / income tool because it reduces your advertising and prospecting costs and time, speeds up sales, and quite investing more capital. This selling system is the most valuable product that I have ever assembled and features simple, ready-to-use, paint-by-numbers selling systems for your business or sales… Continue reading

Technical Breakthrough

I have been asked to be the CEO of a new company with many novel patents and technical breakthroughs. As a result of my 15 years in Silicon Valley, I was able to cultivate many lasting and trusted relationships with VC’s, Executives and Technical Visionaries. Also, as the EVP of the largest specialty consulting organization in Silicon Valley, my leadership and decision making skills were sharpened to the most refined levels. This has allowed me the privilege to be invited to lead this new enterprise which will be a groundbreaking, actually rule breaking organization in the field of information services… Continue reading

Meriwether Accelerators

I have been honored with a partnership in the Meriwether Accelerator private equity group. The Senior Partner, David Howitt is both a long time friend and visionary entrepreneur. As with the particular specialties of Bo Rinaldi and Associates in the wide ranging fields within technology and organic foods, the Meriwether Accelerator firm is similarly positioned. Investors and Founders in such landmark brands as Oregon Chai and Living Harvest, Meriwether Accelerators is also involved in M&A activities with leading technology companies where innovation and velocity are key.

Real Power Foods Guest Chef Series

Tina Leigh Is The Real Power Foods Guest Chef This Month

Tina is an experienced leader in the fields of integrative health & nutrition and personal transformation. She experiences deep satisfaction from serving as an instrument for guiding clients to total mind, body and spirit harmony. She believes all beings embody the power to manifest their ideal weight, achieve total self-confidence, restore youthfulness and vitality and release stuck energies, damaging core beliefs and binding addictions.

Using a blend of holistic modalities including Health Counseling, Natural Food Meal Preparation and Nutrition Coaching, She… Continue reading

CEO Consulting Assignments

Our mission is to let our Client’s know that the Customer is their product. Without trust, fulfillment of services and a winning exchange of resources, suppliers and customers will be at odds. Vendors of today, especially in the technology and service areas, need to be as mindful of their customer as never before in history. This is apparent when you look at the winning companies we have consulted with on a long term basis. Customers like Yahoo, Meriwether, Buzztone, Adventists, Webcastr and Radioio. What one thing do they all have in common? A deep and profound philosophy for customer fulfillment… Continue reading

PrimeStar Solar

We assist many of our VC and Private Equity Clients in Executive and Technical evaluations, both formal and informal. One of our latest projects is with a very fascinating Solar Power company that is headed for greatness.

PrimeStar Solar is a manufacturer of high performance thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules. We are scaling up our proprietary semiconductor technology for low cost high volume manufacturing. Our modules will be deployed in large scale solar PV power plants and will efficiently tap into the vast energy potential of the sun. They will produce environmentally friendly renewable electricity that is economically competitive… Continue reading

Just Who Are We?

We are a small group of seasoned vets. No, we did not go to war. We are vets of Silicon Valley and we support enlightened leadership, compassionate management, right livelihood and truth in communication. We have been associated with many leading companies of our time and are now working with some of the finest start-ups in technology. We have invested in a number of companies that are market leaders in their segments, and provide guidance in whatever area is necessary for continued and lasting success. Our formula is easy to understand and utilize and customers come to us from around… Continue reading